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Faye Kleros

Put More Song In Your Life – Alt. Media Campaign

AS SEEN ON WGN CHICAGO’S VERY OWN: “The Pumping Station” is just one example of many and growing.

IDEA: In order to get the Chicago Children’s Choir heard, we put their voices in places where everyone can hear them. We are in the process of planting singing boxes in various places throughout the city, like The Pumping Station on Michigan Avenue, where people congregate and tourists gather. These boxes, when the button is pressed play fun and amusing facts, sung by the Chicago Children’s Choir. The boxes also drive curious visitors to The CCC’s website. Our goal is to raise awareness and ultimately make the CCC synonymous with the city of Chicago and to get everyone talking about and listening to the Chicago Children’s Choir’s unique and magnificent sound.

  • For The Chicago Children’s Choir

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